MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Wednesday, DECEMBER 27, 2017 for the 19th consecutive Cachuma CBC.

This update on December 19, 2017 has us carefully tracking any issues the ongoing Thomas Fire will have on the CBC. We are certain to have some issues accessing the lake and perhaps with traffic along 154 due to the use of Cachuma Park and the highway by the firefighters. We’re glad they are here! We will update the page with changes but we likely won’t know more than you can learn in the news.

The 2017 Cachuma CBC is nearly upon us. We are busy collecting names of birders wishing to participate, scouting areas and identifying new areas to cover for the count. We have already been in touch with many of our past participants and are in the process of assigning areas. We will be in touch with everyone regarding assigned areas approximately a week before count day, but we don’t expect to surprise anyone.

This web site will serve as a place where folks can go to view the count circle and areas where you might wish to count, grab maps of your survey area, and download data forms. We will communicate by e-mail primarily, but don’t hesitate to call Peter Schneekloth at 805 450-6839.

Some really good birds have been showing up in early December. If you have a chance to get out and scout please let us know even if you are not finding things that seem interesting. This can help others focus their scouting efforts on areas which have not yet been scouted.

If you wish to participate and have not already been in touch with us please do so as soon as possible. This will make our planning efforts much easier.

The center of the circle is at 34.65010  -119.95160. This is a point on Happy Canyon Road approximately 7 miles NE of highway 154.  The circle’s radius is 7.5 miles.  If you have and use a GPS unit, your service is especially valuable scouting or counting in the outer reaP1050102 smallches of the circle. The Count Circle

Indicate please:                                                            Outcrop north of De la Guerra Spring

a)     your interest and availability in counting for a half day or a full day,
b)     the area in which you would prefer to count,
c)     your interest in hiking in remote or high elevation areas of the circle,
d)     if you want to be alone or part of a team, and
e)     if you will have a mobile phone and GPS in the field.

And please give us your best contact, and cell phone number for use on count day.

Peter Schneekloth
December 7, 2016